A piece of paradise in Morocco

We found this place hidden in Morocco, at a usually dried up riverbank. Green fields, paved places,fruit trees and palms.

But no people are living here anymore, due to a sudden enormous waterflood everything including the aquaducts were washed away.

Nature restored itself in its most convenient way: where there was grass, the grass restored itself, palmtrees rose again but are no longer maintained, and flowers started to grow wherever they felt happy about it, usually insideof what used to be someone’s home.

Though it feels like paradise, with birds singing and bees humming, this place has a bitter taste of people’s lives that has been changed after the flooding. Hope they will prosper again somewhere, as this place does again now.

We've found a piece of paradise somewhere next to the 1805 road from Tata up north. We found this place hidden in Morocco, at a (usually) dried up riverbank....

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