The amazing things you can do on a Saturday afternoon

Some kids go play football, others do hockey or horseback-riding.

We had the amazing experience to go Deltaplane flying on our Saturday off.

We were parked in the near of Bologna, and were the guests an amazingly friendly couple, who’s house was being renovated and so their garden was abandoned.

While we can survive real long on our own (just add water now and then) we stayed in the middle of this quite place for over a week.

And our kids soon found out there was a small air-strip just around the corner, where some small airplanes and Deltaplanes took off and landed.

While watching, and keep on asking questions, our kids got invited to have a little tour in the air on their own ! You can guess they didn’t say “No, thanks…”

And so they went up, each on their turn, and had another once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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