Curfew in Tafraoute, Morocco.

Hello world!👋🏻 We are still in Morocco. The lockdown is a fact in Tafraoute. It started with a curfew, at 18:00 everybody inside the house. Bars, restaurants and non essential shops closed. Militairy at the roadblocks. Since a few days nobody comes in the town. If you leave town you can not come back in. We are in a good place, surrounded by good people. Before corona took over the world we started to renovate our truck on the outside. The final days were very stressfull. The garage could n’t work on the truck anymore. But we debated with the militairy/police and could work one more day. So it was a race against the clock, but we made it. We are happy with the result. You see the difference? Now we are back in our little paradise and fix the last pieces. With some extra love Sulley looks much better. Wouldn’t you agree? For now, be safe and healthy. #flattenthecurve @ Tafraoute, Tata, Morocco

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