Hi! It took a long time, but we finally managed to make a documentary of our first trip with the Man Kat campertruck.

We are proud to announce Season 1, containing 4 episodes with all kinds of fun & facts about how we came to this life-changing decision

Watch Episode 1 here below, and click on the links at the end for more episodes.

Subtitled in all languages of countries we've visited, and also available in English narrated or German (auf Deutsch!)

All the best !

#OverlandTravel #overlandtravelfamily #roadblog #lifeonwheels #vanlife

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On special request of the host of our show, Mister Q himself, this is homeschooling video part 2 !

How to tie your shoe. It took some practice and some frustrations, but finally we've got it all under control. Want to see? Click below !

Auf besonderen Wunsch des Moderators unserer Show, Mister Q selbst, ist dies das Homeschooling-Video Teil 2!

So binden Sie Ihren Schuh. Es hat etwas Übung und einige Frustrationen gekostet, aber schließlich haben wir alles unter Kontrolle. Will sehen? Klicken Sie unten!

Su richiesta speciale dell'ospite del nostro spettacolo, lo stesso signor Q, questo è il video homeschooling parte 2!

Come legare la scarpa. Ci sono voluti un po 'di pratica e alcune frustrazioni, ma alla fine abbiamo tutto sotto controllo. Voglio vedere? Clicca sotto!

Sur demande spéciale de l'animateur de notre émission, Mister Q lui-même, voici la deuxième partie de la vidéo homeschooling!

Comment attacher votre chaussure. Cela a pris un peu de pratique et quelques frustrations, mais finalement nous avons tout sous contrôle. Vouloir voir? Cliquez ci-dessous!

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This is a fun and useful exercise for all kids to learn to concentrate, hold a pen, improve mobility functions and practicing the first writing skills.

And it's also a lot of fun. He called it: CD drawing (though we don't have CD's here, so how did he come up with that....)

Homeschooling is fun !

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